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If you're familiar with Vietnamese food, you've probably had some of the more common, world-famous dishes such as Banh Mi, Pho, Banh Xeo, Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls, Bun or even a few more rare dishes like Xiu Mai, Banh Khot, Banh It, Banh Bao. What I'd like to share with Beaucoup Heritage, is a collection of home-style dishes typically eaten in a traditional Vietnamese household. These are dishes I grew up eating with my family and many of these dishes are heritage recipes only my family have made. Hence, the name of the program. My pride and joy is to be able to share these dishes with you and your family. Heritage dishes are absolutely delicious, modest, unique and made with the freshest ingredients from local grocers, not to mention made with lots of TLC. Just as I remember my parents making them for my sister and I when we were young. 

Nancy Nguyen
Chef & Founder 
Beaucoup NYC

How does it work?


"Beaucoup Heritage" is a weekly meal kit. Meals are precooked (not frozen), properly chilled and delivered to your door. No more reading long recipes to cook and eat a decent meal! There is no cooking on your part! All you will need to do is reheat and enjoy! Meal kits come with easy reheating instructions using your microwave or stove top.

The menu will be posted here on Tuesdays. You'll have an entire week to decide on the dishes and place your order. Reminders on the Instagram account if you are a follower, will ensure you won't forget to order. Not a follower yet? The instagram is Beaucoup_NYC. 

For your convenience and culinary freedom, this is proudly not a membership program where you're automatically charged. You place the order weekly at your discretion entirely. You can order every week, once a month, whenever you want! 

Orders must be placed by Sunday. Once you place your order on the website, you can email your meal selections to:
You may request 2 servings of 1 dish, for instance, you're ordering 4 meals and would like 2 of Suon Ram and 2 of Ga Roti. That is perfectly okay!

If your selections aren't made by Sunday, we will select them for you. If you are adventurous and want to be surprised, this is perfect for you!


Delivery days are flexible, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Delivery fee is $3.00 and automatically added to your order at checkout.
Delivery is available to Brooklyn, Lower East Side of Manhattan, and Ridgewood. Pick ups can be made in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Please email  if you wish to pick up your kit.


Meal Kits:

3 Meals $14.00 / meal   
4 Meals $13.00 / meal   
6 Meals $12.00 / meal   

Place your order here. Before you add the meal to cart, you can add the meal selections in the notes section. 


Please email  if you have any questions about the kit. You may also send a direct message with your question on the instagram account, Beaucoup_NYC

Week of December 13 Menu 

All meal kits include 1 quart of rice, steamed vegetables and nuoc mam.


Hoang Thanh Mi
Vietnamese wonton noodle soup, thin wonton shells filled with pork shrimp mixture, pork broth, egg noodles, shallots, fried garlic.

Chao Vit  (Duck Porridge)
Rice porridge made duck and ginger, topped with shallots, scallions, fried garlic. Cabbage salad on the side.

Canh Chua 
Heritage recipe of clear broth soup made of basa fish, okra, tomatoes, elephant ear stalks, pineapple. Traditionally eaten with Ca Kho.

Ca Kho
Caramelized bone-in catfish in fish sauce and spices, white jasmine rice, steamed vegetables. The use of bone-in catfish is traditional, however if you must, you can request basa, which is filet.

Banh Bao  (4 Baos)
This bao bun brings me back to my childhood days when my mother used to wake me up early in the morning to roll out the dough for Banh Bao. It is such a warm and fine memory I have of being in the kitchen with my mom while she taught me how to make these pillows of goodness. This is basically a Vietnamese burger! The bao bun is light and fluffy from steaming, rather than baking. They are stuffed with a flavorful pork, shrimp, wood ear mushrooms and clear mung bean noodles (gluten-free), accompanied by delicate quail egg and chinese sausage. That is the traditional Vietnamese Banh Bao!

Reheats best steamed, or in the microwave.

Mi Quang Chay (Vegan Egg Noodles with braised seitan & veggies)
Egg noodles, braised seitan, basil, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, chili oil soy sauce, small vegan broth on the side. 

Hoang Thanh Chay (Vegan Dumpling Soup)
House made tofu and shiitake wontons, clear vegetable broth with mushrooms and vegetables. 

Chao Chay (Vegan)
Vegetable broth based rice porridge with shiitake mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. Topped with fried shallots, cilantro.

House made Bone Broths can be ordered additionally at