The Too Beaucoup Banh Mi

A Beaucoup banh mi is a flavor bomb in your mouth. What's "Beaucoup" about it? Everything. The abundance of all the house made meats and vegetables, sauces and spreads, in a crispy european bread roll.

"It's too beaucoup!"

The Beaucoup Story

The Classic Banh Mi Dac Biet

The ultimate flavor bomb, layers upon layers of all house made ingredients, four different pork meats, buttery mayo spread, liver paté, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro, a couple of secret sauces. Do we need all this? Of course, we do.

Cha Gio / Crispy Spring Rolls

Beaucoup crispy rolls are made with rice paper, the traditional way, not Chinese egg roll wrappers that's usually used. The use of rice paper creates the crispiest rolls possible, while being gluten-free. The filling is of Shitake mushrooms, bean thread noodles, woodear mushrooms, tofu and spices. While there is the meat version with pork and shrimp, the use of many types of mushrooms create so much umami for the Vegan version that some diners think it's meat. Bravo.

Pho Dumplings

What are Pho Dumplings? It's Beaucoup's take on the quintessential pho, as an appetizer, so that you can eat other delicious dishes in the same sitting. All the great flavors and cooking of pho goes into making this dish. Beef short ribs, oxtail and beef bones simmered in pho spices, the tender meats then wrapped in paper-thin dumpling shells, served in aromatic pho broth, topped with onions, cilantro or culantro.

Beef Pho Dac Biet

When I eat PHO, I want it with all the funky meats and organs. So I make mine with that: Tendons, Tripe, House-made Beef Meatballs, and Rare Steak. Is there Chicken Pho at Beaucoup? No, but sometimes there's "PHO CHAY" vegan Pho.

Cafe Sua Da / Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Here in Brooklyn, it's practically rare to find a place that serves Cafe Sua, the traditional way, using the teeny tiny french press that sits on top of your cup, letting really rich bold chicory roasted coffee slowly drip down onto a pool of creamy sweetened condensed milk. It is served as hot or iced with a glass of ice cubes on the side. Having Vietnamese coffee is an experience that requires time and patience, and well worth the wait.

This is the best banh mi I've ever had, ever.

Richard, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Definitely the best Cha Gio Ive had in nyc. Might be the actual only good Vietnamese food in nyc. Egg rolls taste like west coast vietnamese food.

Laramie, Brooklyn

This is the best pho broth I've ever had, and Ive had many pho before.

Woody, Manhattan, NY

SANDWICH OF THE YEAR. (Fried Chicken Banh Mi)

Than, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Amazing food! The banh mi burger is especially awesome.

Nikhail, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Omg, I just had mouthgasm (from the lobster head fried rice).

Angie, Queens, NY

They are the best dumplings I've ever had, period. (Beaucoup Pork Dumplings)

Maynard, Brooklyn NY

This is better than the one from Vietnam that I like.

Joe, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn