Brunch Sunday


Sunday, October 10, 12pm-4:30pm

Vietnamese Coffee  $5
Chicory roasted Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee beans with sweetened condensed milk, served hot or iced. 

Pho Dumplings $12
Beef dumplings in pho broth, cilantro, basil, onions, hoisin sauce

Summer Roll Party   $8 / 2pc    $14 / 4pc
Rice paper, lettuce, herbs, rice noodles.
Bo Bia, lap suong sausage, egg, carrots, jicama
Classic, shrimp, pork belly
Vegan, shitake mushroom, jicama, carrots

Banh Xeo Waffle with BBQ Pork   $14
Traditional Vietnamese sizzling crepes made with coconut turmeric batter, though Beaucoup's 2021 version is a waffle!

Stuffed with your choice of Thit Nuong (bbq pork), or Tri-Mushroom (Vegan), and the traditional accoutrements of cucumber, fried shallots, pickled carrots, lettuce, herbs and dipping sauce. 



(V)  Vegan  (GF) Gluten-Free

We accept Cash, Credit Card and Venmo.