TET 2022 KIT

TET 2022 KIT

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$159 / Serves 2/3
$5 delivery charge is added to the total during check out. 

Bánh Tét or Bánh Chưng
(banana leaf wrapped sticky rice)

8oz Jar of Đồ chua (pickles)

Giò Thủ (headcheese) & Chả Lụa

Gio Buoi (pomelo Salad wi/ Shrimp)

Thịt Kho tàu (braised pork)

Chả Giò (pork/crab crispy rolls)

Canh Măng or Canh Khổ Qua

2022 Tiger Tote Bag

Bamboo Tray, Tiger Beer

Fire Crackers, Li Xi Envelope

A la Carte:  Whole Chicken with Xio Man $49
5-Fruits Platter & Muc  $45 / Nem Chua Bo $22 12pc

7-inch Banh Tết/Chung $18  (pork & vegan opt)